- pH

- Conductivity (µS)

- Temperature

- Total dissolved Solids (TDS)

- Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)


The reliability and sturdiness of this device enable its use in industry and everywhere that the pH has to be measured quickly and without any complications.

Measuring range:
Batteries/service life:
Temperature compensation:

0.0 - 14.0 pH
0.1 pH
0.1 pH
3 x 1.4 V/approx. 1,000 hours
L 142 x W 29 x D 15 mm
approx. 65 g




Precise measurement of isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
concentration in dampening agents.

As little as possible – as much as necessary Determination of the exact isopropyl alcohol content in dampening agents with the moist advanced technology (0 – 20 vol.%)

QUICK CHECK IPA only needs a few drop of dampening agent for high-precision measurement of the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) content in percent by volume. The high accuracy of measurement was con rmed by an independent testing laboratory.


− measurement in only 3 seconds

− only needs a few drops of a sample (3 ml)

− calibration at the touch of a button (is stored)

− temperature-compensated measurement

− ergonomically shaped for convenient handling

− light (100 g), compact and watertight (IP65)

− matching storage box

− Battery level display



BALLISTOL - Universal Oil


The universal oil - Well-tried and unequalled!For maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more. Ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

BALLISTOL is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales and other precision instruments. BALLISTOL provides a protective alkaline film on the surface of metals, neutralises hand sweat and other acid corrosive residues so that the surface is protected of corrosion. Due to its low surface tension, it is capable of creeping into the tiniest cracks and fissures of metal surfaces. It cleans and makes silver and brass shiny. Brilliant for the upkeep of tools and instruments in the field of precision mechanics.

BALLISTOL effectively protects leather against getting hard and dry, against water, insects and fungi. Residues of tannic acid in leather will be neutralised. Dry leather softens and gets elastic again with a dull shine. Bright leather can get darker. The typically smell of BALLISTOL will evaporate quickly. There will be no greasy film an the leather.

BALLISTOL protects, preserves and rejuvenates all natural wooden surfaces. It enhances the woodgraining and protects against humidity and insect damage. It’s ideal for antique furniture!

BALLISTOL maintains and protects oil-resistant synthetic material, preserves its elasticity and protects from drying out and getting obdurate. It prevents adhesive rubber of car doors in winter, it renews the shine of synthetic surfaces without producing a greasy film.

Skin and coat:
BALLISTOL is kind to the skin and completely harmless if inadvertently taken. It's ideally suited for the care of animals' coats, for cleaning their outer ears and for horses' manes, tail hairs and hooves.

BALLISTOL protects from corrosion, lubricates, cleans and acts against residues of powder, lead, copper and tombac. It creeps into finest fissures and dissolves old soilings and resins of unsuited oils. It neutralises combustion residues. It also cleans, maintains and preserves the wooden stock and leather gunslings.

This product is made from natural substances and is CFC-free. It is safe for people and animals. Neither its use nor its natural decomposition will pollute the environment. The white oil used for the production is absolutely pure from the medical point of view. BALLISTOL contains a and harmless combination of anti-oxidants and medical oils so that it is not susceptible to aging and does not resinify for years.

BALLISTOL for a thousand and more uses!

Due to its combination of ingredients BALLISTOL cannot resinify. Because of its pharmaceutically clean substances it can also be used in the process of food production.

For much more information please order the BALLISTOL-Story. Just phone or write us and we will send it to you.

BALLISTOL is available in a glass bottle of 50 ml, in a can with 500 ml, in bigger sizes up to 200 litres and as spray can in 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml and 400 ml. Our Pump Sprayer contains 250 ml and is the most economic alternative to aerosols. Our Oil Pencil is for punctual and very exact use of BALLISTOL.

BALLISTOL - the extraordinary oil forenvironmentally awared people!
Unsurpassed in it’s versatility!



Your specialist in filtration

Filtration of fountain solution and devloper chemistry


  • CMS PRINT for Press

  • CMS PLATE for Preepress



The devices of the product range CMS PRINT are developed for the optimization of your printing process. The filter system is directly connected with the main dampening solution tank of the printing press.

Granulate-filter technology developed by LOGOTEC is used to purify the dampening solution. The dampening solution is filtered continuosly 24 hours in order to minimize the degree of contamination.

LOGOTEC guarantees a multiple higher machine running time between the several maintenance rates of the dampening solution.


  • Guaranteed multiple higher machine running time of the dampening solution
  • Distinct increase in availability of the press for production
  • Optimization of the printing quality
  • Minimum maintenance effort
  • Stable IPA need
  • IPA reduced printing with consistant result
  • Stable dampening system
  • Helps to prevent ink rollers from running dry
  • Stable ink-and water balance and therefore less waste



The devices of the product range CMS PLATE are developed for the cleaning of the CtP developer section. This proven and innovative product continuously cleans the developer section with the granulate technology developed by LOGOTEC and thus considerably extends the operating time.

The cleaning system can be used for the handling of photopolymer and thermal plates.


  • Guaranteed duplication of the service life of the plate developer or with constant service life, a reduction of the regenerated waste of up to 50%
  • Low cleaning expenditure due to the tried- and tested LOGOTEC granulate ultrafine filtration
  • With process monitoring


Footed cabinet for installation adjacent to CtP plate processor.






Precision doctor blades for all standard sheet-fed
and web-offset machine types

ECO BLADE doctor blades wash faster and more economically – for clean presses and longer washing intervals.

ECO BLADE doctor blades are made of a plastic alloy which can be precisioncut, is highly resistant against solvents and shows less wear-and-tear than rubber. Downtimes are up to 5x shorter than with conventional rubber doctor blades. The precision-cut plastic lip not only washes cleaner but already doctors the ink off before the ink is completely diluted with detergent. This saves time and detergent. In addition, detergents with a higher vapor-pressure can be used (VOC-free) since the doctor blade edge odes not slip across the mass but doctors it. Short washing times mean less detergent consumption and shorter downtimes of machines.

New Products



  • Precise, simple and reproducible control of the set-up of ink and dampening rollers in printing presses

  • with digital measured value,adapted to the latest printing techniques

  • for improved print quality with optimal dampening with low IPA consumption

DIGINIP brings consistency to roller adjustment. Well set-up rollers are the foundation of good, consistent print quality and help prevent printing difficulties. Even the most up-to-date presses require accurately set-up rollers. Laborious checks with paper strips on inked rollers do not really belong to modern printing technology and can be subjective. A digital measured value of inking and dampening rollers with minimal deviation enables a reliable and reproducible roller set-up for the necessary operating reliability, optimal print quality and careful use of the rollers. Well set-up rollers live longer.